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Meet our team of local and international Possibility Managers and Trainers

Ana Norambuena

Chilean by birth, Ana is a world explorer now living in Takaka, Golden Bay. She is a mother of two and truly enjoys creating authentic relationships – as well as supporting others in that. She has lived in New Zealand for 3 years and loves its nature, its abundance, and its people. Ana wishes from her heart to uncover more of the vast possibilities available in this beautiful country by helping Possibility Management to land and grow in New Zealand.

Julia Neumann

Educated as a German lawyer, Julia kept looking for something different – to find herself on the other side of the globe, in New Zealand. She loves exploring new countries and cultures and is dedicated to supporting people in uncovering, from the heart, their hidden potential and dreams. Realising her own numbness to feelings and perceiving how so many other people shut their feelings away, she opens up fun ways to exploring being human.

Iris Savonije

Iris grew up in the Netherlands and has been living in NZ since early 2018, where she came across Possibility Management. Many mind-blowing experiences, deep connections and inner clarity make Possibility Management an imperfectly perfect human experiment that she loves to be a part of and that she wants to bring to other human beings. With her business management background, she is particularly curious about making the tools accessible to businesses for a new culture of working with each other.

Anne-Chloé Destremau

French lawyer by habit, Kiwi by blood, and gameworld builder by trade. As an edgeworker, Anne-Chloe discovered the limits of what she thought was possible and then realized how small that was. Now she is in the vast nothing, navigating possibility with amazement for herself and others.

She is having lots of Fun!

Tristan Girdwood

Raised in Wellington, Tristan is a down to earth kiwi man, passionate about working with his hands as well as understanding his inner world and exploring the exciting realms of feeling and relationship. Tristan has been working with PM since 2016, and is now driven to bring the fruits of his work into the wider community by organising workshops as well as learning to facilitate them.

Georg Pollitt

German by birth and living in Switzerland, Georg has been a Possibility Management trainer and coach for 5 years. He is a father of two grown up sons and is passionately committed to your unique combination of dreams, ideas and skills. Georg loves finding playful ways of being together authentically and supporting you in living your destiny effectively.

Clinton Callahan

Originator of Possibility Management, inventor of trainings Expand the Box, author of Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings, and Goodnight Feelings, father of two home schooled daughters, since 1975 Clinton has focused on developing authentic adulthood and archetypal that open doorways into territories we were not aware that we were not aware of.
On a worldwide search for the perfect donut!

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