Possibility Management New Zealand



Possibility Management is delivered in two types of trainings:

The initial training is called Expand the Box. It provides you with a sound basis and is more mind-focussed than the other trainings.

You can participate in as many Expand the Box Trainings as you like. While the core of it will remain the same, no Expand the Box Training is like the other. This is due to the fact that there is not one “script” set in stone. Rather, the trainers provide what is needed in the training at question depending on who participates and what is in “the space”.

Once you have participated in one Expand the Box Training, you can join the Possibility Laboratories.

Possibility Laboratories are where you deepen the basis of what you learned in Expand the Box. Each Possibility Laboratory (or “Possibility Lab”) will take you way beyond the mental level and will ask of you to step into actually doing and being.

Possibility Laboratories are a very special training space for experimenting with your expanded box. You will take steps to apply what you’ve learned, to do new things, to feel your feelings and express them, to feel connected with other human beings, to nourish yourself in a way you may not have experienced before.