Possibility Management New Zealand


Fresh and new perspectives

I leave the Expand the Box Training with fresh and new perspectives to address my blockages.

The most important things I take with me is the feeling of appreciation new tools, and focussing on my main blockage, the neutral.

The harmony within the group was extraordinary for me.

I found the training to be a way to meet with oneself on different levels, such as emotions, communication and thinking. Through experiments one can understand and receive the tools to work on oneself in daily life.

New Zealand

The trainer navigated with great skill

In the 4-day Expand the Box Training, the trainers and trainer trainees held the space tightly and effectively. There were several situations that I thought tricky and the trainer navigated those spaces with great skill.

I take from this training self-responsibility, and I found the teaching and constant demonstration of responsibility extraordinary.

Robert Blumstein
New Zealand

Space for own speed and intensity

I feel gratitude and joy because of the authenticity of the 4-day Expand the Box Training.

The training was extraordinary for me in how people could move in their own speed, and decide for themselves how deep they wanted to go.

Compared to other trainings I know, the experiences are profound and not forced, which makes it possible to want to go there again. Self-responsibility allows an on-going creation of the own life and the relationship to the world.

Ana Norambuena
Chile/New Zealand

Opening doors for possibilities for our dreams

The Expand the Box Training is a great way to be aware of how we react, communicate, and feel in different circumstances in our life, and how to use certain tools for the better.

I take from this training guidance for opening doors for possibilities for our dreams.

What was extraordinary for me was the delivery of the “teachings”, which at times were baffling! – and the use of examples to help with the understanding.

Knowing where I am and a clearer direction

The most important things I take from the 4-day Expand the Box Training is a bigger understanding, knowing where I am in my life at the moment, and a clearer direction.

What has been extraordinary for me is the love and possibility in the space – so many things happened that I couldn’t have guessed before. It was so beautiful to see the quality of the space Georg could create.

Compared to other trainings I’m familiar with, it went much deeper, there was more clarity – going places and jumping bravely into the unknown together, feeling the vastness of the context.

Tristan Girdwood
New Zealand

Endless possibilities

After the 4-day Expand the Box Training I feel so much clarity, calmness within myself and in my life.

I know I have endless possibilities to truly live my purpose and not only survive on a daily basis. I feel glad to have taken this opportunity to be in this training, and sad that is is not offered more often and everywhere, yet!

I take from this training that you can create possibilities everywhere and create your life the way you really want.

What was extraordinary for me were the tools given in the training and that we have a choice to use them any time. So we are never stuck no matter how long and how hard we believed a certain story. I also found it extraordinary to learn how switching your perspective changes situations and can change your relationships and life.

Nancy Tschetner

Astonishing amount of depth, theory & experiments

The Expand the Box Training in 4 days offered me an astonishing amount of depth, theory and experiments. What was extraordinary for me in this training was the ability to shift spaces in a second according to the needs of the group, and the amount of love that was alive in the space.

Iris Savonije

Doorways to creativity

Possibility Management offers the ‘maps’ and the support network of experienced and beautiful people, that have opened so many doorways for me to be more creative in my life, and to connect with, understand and be able to express and communicate my feelings.

Not playing small anymore

ETB participant, Melbourne

Eye-opening, mind-blowing

My first Expand the Box Training was truly eye-opening and mind-blowing. It was like a coin dropped – and it was so simple! I got so much energy out of this realisation! I took my first Possibility Lab less than a month after and the experience even strengthened. I loved to find this clear space full of connection and fun! My perspective on life totally changed and I profoundly changed my life after that.

Julia Neumann
Possibility Manager

Hugely transformational

Expand the Box Training has been a hugely transformational experience on so many levels.

Wendy van Dort

Pathways for new options

Possibility Management has painted pathways for me to discover other options, other views. It has also taught me that I was the only one who could walk those paths. No matter how skilled the trainers are to offer alternative possibilities, it was always up to me to take the next step. For me it has been a journey of knowing when to say yes to the things that I didn’t know I could do and no to the things I didn’t want to do anymore.

Anne-Chloe Destremau
Possibility Manager and Trainer