Possibility Management New Zealand


What? Possibility what?

Possibility Management. Okay… what is Possibility Management?

The short answer.

Possibility Management is about managing possibilities.


The longer answer.

Sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation where we don’t see any possible way out or around. The creators and users of Possibility Management have traveled around the world and experimented on themselves to find tools, practice skills, and tap into unknown resources to open the door to new options, opportunities and possibilities. A growing group of trainers is passing on these tools and skills to support others in walking their own path. Find out more here.

Possibility Management can be like surfing: first, we have to paddle to make our way through the waves, the waves hit us and we can’t see a way through them, after trial and errors and practice we finally make it to the other side! Wait for the next wave and … just surf it. Quickly, the paddling becomes as enjoyable as the surfing, the practice as much as the mastering.

Possibility Management was discovered by a 23 year-old college student back in 1975. It was born out of this desire to learn how to surf those waves that life throws at us: relationship, work, children, marriage, divorce, money, identity, tradition, culture,… It is often heard among Possibility Managers that life doesn’t become easier with skills, tools and more possibilities – it just becomes more Fun!

Essentially, we are learning to be human beings again, in all our might. With all our feelings, our faults, our strengths and our weaknesses. Tapping into our own wisdom and that of others, stopping to be numb acting like robots. Being alive and embracing all that we are!

And what’s more.

Possibility Management (PM) is not just an average self-development training. PM is a choice for self-responsibility. The trainings create a space where we learn to recognise old beliefs, ideas, patterns and illusions that have been present under the surface of our lives. Once these are recognised, there is an opportunity to let go and to start to discover and feel the person who we are beneath all those layers. Re-connecting with our feelings, our body, our thoughts and our presence, there is an opportunity to create a healthy relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

Becoming aware of whatever is not working in your relationships, your household, your town, your country or your planet makes you just as responsible for changing those things as the person whose job you think it is to change those things. Consciousness gives you jobs to do. Consciousness creates responsibility. Let new awareness inspire behaviour change.

Earth will be dead before people accidentally gain enough consciousness to create sustainable culture. The edge-workers, the leaders, the activists, the people with enough courage to go first are changing our behaviours on a cultural level, creating more sustainable and fulfilling culture. This would include you.

Each path is unique – what is yours?


If you are intrigued or interested and want to know more, drop us a message and feel for yourself what we are made of.